Rural Pest Control

Effective Animal and Plant control in the Rodney District.

Pest control in the North Auckland Area

With a large population of predators and pests in our local area, there is a need for an experienced trapper in all areas to help you achieve effective control. Cam Rathe can address all your predator control needs using over 8 years of control and eradication trapping with the Department of Conservation. Cam has been trained by a number of the country’s best pest control experts and is competent in a wide variety of innovative and effective control methods. Cam has successfully managed predators at some of New Zealand’s most important conservation sites. He has worked throughout Auckland and Northland, including on many of the islands of the Hauraki Gulf. Putting these skills into practice has resulted in record kills for some areas and total eradication for others.
Rural pest control specialises in regular pest and predator population control on large or small properties, including farmland and tracts of bush. Cam can also offer a one off pest control solution such as removing a rat from your roof or trapping a problem feral cat in your neighbourhood. Reducing pest numbers on a property protects native trees and wildlife and reduces the amount of pasture, crops and/or feed lost to pests.

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We use a number of different trapping systems.

We select what is best to fit your needs and wants, taking in species type and environmental factors

This is a DOC 250 trap for rats & stoats at a shorebird nesting site


Public Enemy #1

A stoat displaying his vicious hardware.

We have had considerable experience with stoats protecting important DOC nesting sites around the North

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Public Enemy #2

A ferret. Like his relative the stoat these pests are incredibly harmful to native birds.



Often overlooked these Indian imports can create havoc with Native nesting birds and eggs.

Left unmanaged they can rapidly overtake a native bird population.

These birds can be effectively trapped.


German Wasps

The growing menace. We are registered applicators of a number of poisons , including the new Vespex Poison System , which is showing very positive results after being released for general use just recently.



Gorse can cover large open areas rapidly if left unchecked. It can be successfully controlled using a range of herbicides



The "wandering " weed. Grows in dense mats in shade and is a real problem in Native Bush.

Requires follow up spraying with specialist herbicides to really eradicate this problem.


Knapsack Spraying

A handy method to control most weeds in our region.



This common English import has got away in New Zealand. This menace grows very quickly and will outgrow native species and overtake them.

Not only is it a pest to plants but when in bloom is a hayfever menace