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Hi-I'm Cam Rathe

Me and my team are here to help if you have a pest problem-be it plants or animals.

We cover the area from the Upper North Shore of Auckland to the Brenderwyns.

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About Us

Cam is pleased to be able to offer his skills to the wider community so that property owners can enjoy their own slice of predator free land and the associated benefits. Here's a list of some of the animals & plants we control.

Predators and pests

•    Stoats
•    Ferrets
•    Weasels
•    Hedgehogs
•    Feral Cats
•    Rabbits
•    Wallabies
•    Rats
•    Possums
•    Mynas and Magpies
•    German wasps
•    All types or common weeds


1.    Trapping for a variety of predators using live capture or humane kill traps depending on the pest, terrain and customer preference. Individual traps or trap lines that target a range of predators can be run across a property and serviced regularly by Rural Pest Control. Pest birds such as Mynas and magpies can also be effectively trapped .
2.    Shooting to manage rabbit, possum, Pukeko and wallaby populations. Rural Pest Control can visit your property during the day or in the evening to achieve the best results for the species of concern.
3.    Poisoning via bait stations for control of Possums, Rabbits, Rats and German Wasps. This is a targeted and effective tool for control of these species.
4.    Weed Spraying is another field Rural Pest Control specializes in, from cutting and pasting privet and boneseed to spraying hard to get to pampas or climbing asparagus. We have experience controlling all local pest plants and have the qualifications and knowledge to do it effectively and safely.

If you require a service that is not listed please get in touch and Cam will tailor a solution to suit your needs. All of the services listed are targeted toward specific pest and predator species and are proven to minimize by catch of non-target species.



Stoats, Ferrets and weasels (mustelids) are a serious threat to birds. These animals are highly successful hunters that are born to kill. They are very stealthy so are seldom seen but are incredibly good at hunting birds whether they are native or farmed. They can decimate a chicken coup over a few days and will keep coming back to a known food source. Mustilids reproduce rapidly and can build up to high numbers over a season if left unchecked. Luckily they can be trapped very effectively so population control is achievable. Cam has a wealth of experience in mustelid trapping and can find the right location and the right trap to ensure they are managed on your property.


Mice and rats (vermin) can be a nuisance pest in houses and farm storage buildings, decimating stored grains and other goods. They can also be a huge problem in native bush, eating native bird’s eggs and competing for some native species food sources. Rats and mice also can predate large numbers of native invertebrates and reptiles. Trapping and poison in bait stations is an effective control for these nuisance pests. Cam can offer a tailor made solution to any vermin problem that will be effective and quick.


Hedgehogs are a bigger threat to ground nesting birds and reptiles than many think. They also directly compete with native birds such as Kiwi and Weka for food. Humane kill traps are a very effective control tool and often produce many more hedgehogs than expected from a property. Cam has been involved in the eradication of hedgehogs from Rangitoto and Motutapu Islands so has first had experience in getting these predators down to extremely low levels.

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Being based in Warkworth , we cover the North Auckland/Rodney district easily.